Magnifying Data Structures por Arpita Gopal

Magnifying Data Structures por Arpita Gopal
Titulo del libro : Magnifying Data Structures
Fecha de lanzamiento : October 30, 2010
Autor : Arpita Gopal
Número de páginas : 500
Editor : PHI

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Arpita Gopal con Magnifying Data Structures

DescriptionThis book, the second of the Magnifying Series, provides a comprehensive account of the various methods and techniques of representing data structures. It presents all the important data structures used in system programming and application programming along with their definitions, operations, implementation and applications.

The book first introduces the students to basic programming concepts to help them build a strong foundation for understanding data structures. It then explains the mathematical and logical aspects of data in the form of abstract data types. Several types of data structures such as arrays, stacks, queues, linked list and trees are discussed with a diagrammatic approach. The text also deals with threading of a tree, AVL tree, M-ary tree as well as graphs. In addition, different common sorting and searching algorithms are discussed.

• Explains the process of abstraction using the C language.
• Presents step-by-step analysis and development of algorithms to implement various data structures.
• Develops building blocks for design of complex programs.
• Provides a number of worked-out examples to illustrate the concepts.
• Includes chapter-end exercises for practice.

The text is designed for the students of computer applications (BCA/MCA), computer science (BSc/MSc), computer science and engineering and information communication technology (BE/B.Tech.) and also for the students of other engineering disciplines.