A Horseman's Progress por Charles Wilson

A Horseman's Progress por Charles Wilson
Titulo del libro : A Horseman's Progress
Fecha de lanzamiento : November 30, 2007
Autor : Charles Wilson
Número de páginas : 152
ISBN : 1845492625
Editor : Arima Publishing

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Charles Wilson con A Horseman's Progress

Páginas: 152 Géneros: 12:WSN:Equestrian & animal sports Sinopsis: This book gives great insight into Charles' natural ability to empathise with riders whilst encouraging them to achieve their dreams. His unique blend of classical and what is now called natural horsemanship gives him a synergy to help riders and horses of all levels. Charles' deep knowledge of horses and his ability to read people puts him amongst the very best of instructors. This book should be on the shelf of all who aspire to better horsemanship as a source of valuable information for riders, and also as an explanation of how Charles strove to acquire such a thorough knowledge._,