Gardens of Portugal por Helena Attlee, John Ferro Sims

Gardens of Portugal por Helena Attlee, John Ferro Sims
Titulo del libro : Gardens of Portugal
Fecha de lanzamiento : June 2, 2008
Autor : Helena Attlee, John Ferro Sims
Número de páginas : 176
ISBN : 0711226938
Editor : Frances Lincoln

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Helena Attlee, John Ferro Sims con Gardens of Portugal

The gardens of Portugal are among the most cosmopolitan in the world. The product of Portugal's long seafaring history, they bring together ideas from East and West in a style that is, in both design and planting, confident, flamboyant, exotic, and distinctly Portuguese. In the golden age of Portuguese exploration the glazed tiles and distinctive water tanks of the Moorish style were combined with the open loggias and box parterres of the Italian Renaissance, and gardens were decorated with statues and reliefs of dolphins, sea horses, anchors and other maritime motifs. From China, Japan, Africa, Australia and the Americas, Portugal's seafarers brought new seeds and plants such as camellias and rhododendrons that flourished in the mild climate.This book describes some twenty-eight gardens, stunningly photographed by John Ferro Sims.